Donating Your Used Clothing and Shoes

Most of us are always trying to recycle what we can; our plastic bottles, our aluminum cans, our newspapers and cardboard. In many states and municipalities in the US, recycling these kinds of materials is not only encouraged, but often mandated. And that's a good thing. Our landfills are filling up fast. And nobody wants the newest landfill built in their backyard. But did you know that textile waste - clothing, shoes, linens - is very poorly managed in the US and is in fact a growing problem? The Council for textile recycling and the EPA both estimate that only about 15-16% of all usable clothing is being recycled. The rest is ending up in landfills. In our backyards. This segment is not keeping up with other recycling programs. We have a long way to go to get this to a manageable level and companies like Friendship Used Clothing Collection is part of that solution. By working with non-profits to help them manage their overflowing donations, as well as collecting directly from the public, we are making a difference for all of our communities, and helping to solve this growing environmental challenge.

Benefits of Donating Your Used Clothing and Shoes

  • Provides a consistent, free or reasonably priced source of good, reusable clothing for the less fortunate
  • Creates jobs and opportunities both locally and abroad
  • Assists in minimizing waste to our local landfills